Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), our beds are able to scan and measure user’s spinal curvatures to determine areas of tension that it targets to work on and release. The non-invasive approach allows users to fully relax and ease into their sessions while in an environment that supports foundational health & well-being.+

Benefits Include:
Improved Posture
Reduced Insomnia
Faster Recovery
Better Circulation
Increased Mobility
Balance & Stability
Tension Release
Stress Management




$25 (drop-in rate)
Infrared-heated Jade rollers move along the spine releasing stored myofascial tension. Quick & Restorative.


$35 (drop-in rate)
Infrared-heated Jade rollers target specific areas on and along the spine to induce better mobility and circulation. Personalized spinal treatment that promotes overall well-being.

Blanket & Pillow (B&P) service available / Organic Lavender Eye Pillows available for $1
Internal scanning system determines spinal curvatures and areas of imbalance during sessions.
+Himalayan Salt walls diffuse in the environment releasing 84 beneficial minerals and negative ions breathed in during sessions.


The Limitless Plan: Enjoy a session every day — $125/mo

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5-Pack: $110
10-Pack: $199
20-Pack: $369


5-Pack: $159
10-Pack: $279
20-Pack: $479

Packages expire: 3 months (5-pack), 6 months (10-pack), 12 months (20-pack)
B&P service included with all packages
Packages Available for Purchase Online