Futureproof is a wellness center based in Diamond Bar, CA that’s focused on efficiency and accessibility. We look forward to supporting our community in developing a more health conscious lifestyle by offering holistic experiences.


Spinal Myofascial Release: Innovative beds that utilize Far Infrared heat and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to scan the user’s spinal curves then offer a personalized massage on needed areas throughout the spine.

Himalayan Salt Walls: Beautifully illuminated salt walls diffuse negative ions and 84 essential minerals, that together offer a host of health benefits.

Kombucha on Tap: 4 unique organic Kombucha flavors on tap with rotating seasonal options, rich in probiotics, polyphenols, and antioxidants.

Bottled Juices: A variety of organic fresh-pressed juices bottled for grab & go convenience

Organic Teas: Organic teas sourced from conscious & responsible farmers utilizing sustainable and natural practices for cultivating a balanced cup of Zen.

Meditation: Complimentary drop-in sessions every Monday morning at 8am for all members of the community.