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Futureproof Wellness offers an effective and efficient solution for foundational support and well-being. Our purpose is to be a destination for visitors to relax and find inner peace, while improving body & mind. ☀️

Our Offerings

Myofascial Release: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) combines with infrared heat, binaural beats, and Jade stones to offer effective myofascial release along the spine that’s equally therapeutic and meditative.

Himalayan Salt Walls: Illuminated salt walls diffuse 84 beneficial minerals and negative ions throughout the center supporting a healthy foundation.

Kombucha on Tap: Raw fermented tea containing billions of live probiotics, polyphenols, and antioxidants to help balance & maintain gut health. 4 unique flavors; Naturally effervescent + Organic.

Bottled Juices: Fresh cold-pressed juices, each with their own unique blend of fruits & vegetables. Benefits range from detox to nourishment. Locally Sourced + Organic.

Organic Teas: Herbal teas sourced from conscious & responsible farmers utilizing sustainable practices to cultivate a balanced cup of Zen. Caffeine-free + Organic.

Meditation: Complimentary drop-in sessions every Monday morning at 8am for all members of the community.

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